Victoria Temple-Morris

Actor / Facilitator / Teaching mentor

Victoria has worked for 20 years as an Acting tutor at prestigious London Drama Schools, as well as with people just starting out in the industry. She also works with a number of commercial companies delivering team building days, executive-level coaching for middle management and CEO’s.

Victoria began her studies at Cambridge University finding her comedy feet writing and touring with The Footlights. She later studied at Central School of Speech and Drama, completing her Masters at East 15 after which she gained her PGCE in Adult Education.  She has worked internationally as an actor, comedy performer and writer on stage and screen, scooping up a couple of awards on the way.

A few years ago, Victoria became one of five trustees to take over The Howard Venue, a Performing Arts Centre, which had closed. The £3Million multi-studio centre was rebranded and reopened in 2016 and has been a great success offering dance, music, fitness, art,  drama and much more to the local community but also attracting professional users from far and wide.

Professional Training

Confidence in business 1:1 and group Coaching / Accent softening

Victoria is regularly requested to work internationally with business professionals, creating and delivering training programmes to develop presence and impact in the workplace, boardroom and personal interactions.

Victoria is available for group and 1:1 coaching.

Victoria assesses each individual before creating tailored tuition to assist them in taking ownership over their continued personal and professional development, utilising self-reflection continuously and applying work practically.

Areas of focus are

  • Voice coaching – for breath support, control and diction.
  • Accent softening / skills to develop and confidently utilise a secure received pronunciation in everyday work situations.
  • Presentation skills – this work implements the learnings from both areas 1 and 2 above as well as master exceptional presentation tools to ensure grounding and confidence.
  • Communication skills – this will encompass presence and impact work, listening and responding skills and practising methods to ensure other people feel valued and heard whilst successfully expressing your needs and ideas.
  • Life plan assessment – Much like an actor needs to assess the immediate, mid-term and long-term objectives of a character to comprehend the motivations behind action, we, as successful, proactive beings need to do the same.  Victoria tackles this with her students together to create confidencet and empower for the journey you are mapping.

Courses begin with an initial 90-minute assessment. During this, you and Victoria map out your personal journey and assess your particular needs and areas for development in order to ensure you will benefit as much as possible from the time together.

Following this, Victoria will design a personalised 5-week programme, each session being 1 hour, with material, text and exercises that will expedite your advancement.  Each session will give you work to practise and look at before the next session.

A break after this initial programme will enable you and Victoria to reassess your development together, ascertain which areas may still need focus.  You may decide you would like to continue working together immediately or you may need some time to implement your skills. Either way, this can be discussed with no obligation.

Instruction is available can provide two options for working together.  The first is over zoom/skype/facetime.  I know this can be very successful as I work with a number of other clients this way, however, I am aware of the limitations here.

In person

Initial Assessment
£ 125 90 Mins
  • Initial Assessment
  • Personalised 5 week plan


Initial Assessment
£ 105 90 Mins
  • Initial Assessment
  • Personalised 5 week plan

In person

Delivery of 5 week plan
£ 80 Per 60 min session
  • Personalised Session


Delivery of 5 week plan
£ 60 Per 60 min session
  • Personalised Session

Audition Preparation

Auditions are your chance to show what you’ve got, demonstrate your range, ability to take direction and play with the material. By preparing well, you give yourself the best chance but also allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

Victoria provides one-off audition preparation tuition for industry professionals and those who aspire to be. Previous students have achieved stage, TV and commercial roles as well as obtaining places at top professional colleges.

Instruction is better in person but can take place in person or via skype/zoom/facetime. As well as for courses to source and prepare audition and build confidence.

Last-minute panic audition

Victoria can be available at the last minute for one-off sessions when your agent calls for a casting tomorrow.

Sourcing material

Monologues should suit the age, acting style, and range of the actor.  Great monologues should allow you to show your personality!  Victoria comes with a wealth of knowledge of classic and modern texts and can help you find the perfect fit for you.  

Audition Preparation

Specific work on your chosen material, ensuring you fully understand the text, connect with it and find the truth in your performance. Sessions will focus on building your confidence with the work and in your character choices.

Mock auditions

Specific for those new to the industry or auditioning for drama schools, mock audition are hugely beneficial.  Knowing what to say for idents, sight-reading tips, how to take redirection etc are invaluable.  The more experience you have, the more confident you will be in the room, giving yourself the best chance of success.

“Victoria taught Drama to me as a teenager and was a massive part of the shift to considering Theatre as a career. Our weekly classes were such a highlight for me. Everyone was encouraged to freely express themselves, each class beginning with the students having the opportunity to share their highlight from that week and opening up to one another. Victoria has a wealth of knowledge and would pass this onto us in every session, I fondly remember her vocal exercises and warmups. When I attended Drama school a few years later on I found that those very exercises were part of my training. She has a wonderful, warm and encouraging energy and a real understanding of the industry and what is currently happening within it. Her experience extends beyond the classroom into her own professional experience and this is obvious from the way she works with her students. I have gone on to work professionally in London’s West End and 4 years ago opened my own Theatre School where I teach young students. It would be very fair to say that Victoria was a real role model and inspiration. I only hope my students would say the same for me.”

Matthew James Roland, Former Student.

examination and festival coaching

Victoria has instructed young people for over 20 years.  Previous students have obtained gold medals in local festivals and distinctions in LAMDA exams but all have gained experience in utilising their voice and finding confidence within acting exercises. 

Lessons are centred on the LAMDA examination syllabus and, if they wish, students may be put forward for exams, Victoria identifies the correct route (acting, speaking verse and prose etc) for each student. There is also the opportunity for choosing solo, duo or group examinations.

Please contact Victoria for more information and availability.

“I’ve loved having lessons with Victoria, they are fun and very educational. The learning is fun and never feels like a challenge as she makes them exciting. She’s honest but so kind.”

Georgina Gilbert, Former Student.

Confidence Workshops

Confidence Workshops for young adults for positive mental health and wellbeing, Victoria has developed a successful series of workshops with Louise Fitzgerald which encourage young people to find their confidence. For details on how they can help your students progress personally and academically, please get in touch.

“Victoria started me off on my career in teaching, letting me observe her then guiding me as I taught some of the classes. She mentored me through my PGCE and really helped my confidence. I am now a workshop facilitator for the National Theatre and Kidscape as well as a Drama secondary school teacher. If it wasn’t for her superb guidance, I’m not sure I would have gone down this road.”

Danny Dalton
National Theatre Workshop facilitator and secondary teacher.


Victoria has been assisting industry performers to transition into teaching for 15 years.  Her unique position as a working professional and trained teacher with decades of experience, enables her to guide others on a similar path. allows her the insight to guide.

Victoria has guided many performers into teaching and also has been employed by theatre schools as an assessor, trainer and mentor for staff working in all streams of performing arts.

She is available for assistance in creating and delivering yearly and termly schemes of work, lesson plans, one off projects and new staff development.  Victoria can help develop classroom management skills, motivational strategies, evoke creativity, time perception management and organisation.

Please contact Victoria for details on what she could do for you and your school.

Please use the contact from below and Victoria will get in contact shortly.

For professional enquiries please contact Tabitha at:

Simon and How
70-72 Clifton Street,
London, EC2A 4HB

0207 739 8865

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